Grants & Funding

From community grants to government funding and venture capital firms, these resources can help you get a new idea off the ground or provide your existing business with a solid financial foundation of investment that will see it reach new heights.

Business gov - Provides SMEs with a portal for grants/assistance, advice, support, skills and training

Community Builders NSW - Funding database for State, national, philanthropic and private grants and scholarships

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme - Provides access to a national network of more than 100 experienced private sector Advisers and Facilitators. The programme helps businesses improve their productivity and competitiveness.

The Entourage Growth Fund - Invests in upstarts - early stage businesses that are already profitable and looking for smart money to enable them to expand.

Funding Centre - The online Funding Centre seeks to lead the fundraising knowledge revolution in Australia through the provision of low-cost or free information and tools, including online and hard copy materials and face-to-face training.

Grants & Assistance Finder - To check grant availability and eligibility

GPT Partners - GrowthPoint Technology Partners is a technology investment bank that provides financial and M&A advisory services to technology companies.

Indigenous Enterprise Development Funding - Supports the establishment of sustainable Indigenous enterprises

Innovate NSW - This program, provides a total funding pool of $6.7 million over four years to businesses in tech-based areas including services, education, manufacturing, transport and logistics.

Investing in Women Funding Program - For NSW organisations to develop and implement projects that support the economic empowerment and leadership of women in NSW by providing funding across the state that meets the three strategic directions of work and financial security, education and learning, and leadership

Jobs for NSW - Jobs for NSW is an innovative NSW government-backed initiative that aims to strengthen the NSW economy by generating rewarding jobs and accelerating high-potential sectors of the State's economy.

The Office for Women - Women’s Leadership and Development Strategy Funding which is designed to provide support to improve gender equality and provide support for women’s economic empowerment and opportunity, safety, leadership and other initiatives

OneVentures - OneVentures is a venture capital firm headquartered in Sydney, Australia that provides human and investment capital into high growth companies with a particular focus on transformative technologies.

RGTC Group - RGTC is dedicated to linking regional businesses to big opportunities through professional preparation of tender, grant and awards submissions.

Scale Investors - Scale has a national network of 100 mainly female Angel investors who actively invest in female led companies.

Small Business Grant - To encourage the nearly 650,000 small businesses in New South Wales that do not pay payroll tax to hire new employees and expand their business.

Startmate - Is a network of founders offering mentorship and seed financing to technical teams creating global Internet startups from Australia.  

StartMesh - StartMesh is a place where successful entrepreneurs, expert support, and innovative investment come together. What’s your global idea?

UNSW MVP Fund Grant - MVP Fund can help you get your business on the ground with some no strings attached funds to help you make your prototype.  Find out now if you're eligible.

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship - The WISE Programme is a competitive grant programme. It will fund projects that support women in STEM and eliminate barriers for women’s participation in STEM education and careers, including entrepreneurship.


Some tips on being Grant Ready from Dianna Somerville of RGTC Group:


When approaching grants there are some key elements to consider. Firstly applying for a grant does not guarantee you funding. Secondly a grant is an investment NOT free money.

To ensure you are best placed for grant opportunities when they arise, it is a good idea to work on being 'grant ready'. Here are some tips to help get you started:


Have key documents ready and accessible. These could include:

  • Business plan/overview
  • Certificate of current for insurance
  • Financials/projections/cash flow
  • Bio or resume of team


Your project need to be clearly articulated with supporting documentation. Your project overview should include the following:

  • Aim of project
  • Project quotes
  • Key deliverables (think of these key milestones during the project)
  • Third party contractor information


It is important to understand the effect this funding will have not only on you but on the wider community. Consider the following:

  • Impact on employment
  • Impact on economic diversification
  • Impact on a social cause
  • Impact on education
  • Impact on business community
  • Alignment with government strategic policy (local/State/Federal)

A great way to demonstrate this is through statistics (ABS is a good place to start) and also through letters of support.


Above all it is important to remember that a Grant is NOT free money. It is one organisation investing in another. You must ensure your request aligns with the grant provider and offers them a return on their investment. Some examples of how you can provide a return are;

  • Media opportunities
  • Promotion of logo on your platforms
  • Opportunity to open event/facility etc
  • Reporting on benefits post project
  • Provision of content for grant providers platforms

eing 'grant ready' means focusing on the project first and then aligning with the grant opportunity NOT looking at grants and then creating something that fits.