Stacey Jacobs

I am the founder of After getting a taste of the startup landscape back in 2009 when I was interviewing (then) fledgling startups like Waze and Shapeways for Contagious Magazine in London, I decided startups were where I wanted to be. Fast paced environment + technology… I was sold. 

I left to join a fashion tech startup using data to predict and analyse trends in real-time. It was the start of the tech boom in London, we shared a warehouse space on Silicon Roundabout. It was exciting, and fun.

After returning to Sydney, I helped to launch and build General Assembly Australia into a team of 15 locally over 18 months. In that time, the company globally grew to a team of around 300 and developed into the education company that it is today, one having a major impact on its students lives - something that I got to witness first hand.

On a business trip to NYC in January, I caught an Uber X to the airport. What seemed like a very insignificant trip at the time, actually planted a seed of what led me to where I am now. My driver told me about his experience with Uber. How he turned his life around from the brink of poverty to now owning 3 cars and leasing them to other drivers. He was eternally grateful for the opportunity that Uber gave him. I wanted to be able to do that. 

Which led me to where I am now. After finding that there was no simple way to book a reputable cleaner online in Australia, I saw my opportunity. I quit my job and built my MVP in the first two days. I engaged the first group of ‘Tidy Home Crew’ members - contractors in a network of professional independent cleaners across Sydney to provide a new level of service that the local cleaning service currently lacks, with a brand that people actually want in their homes.

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