Renee Robbie

Renee is the co-founder of LookBooker, an online appointment marketplace for the hair and beauty industry based in New York City. LookBooker connects consumers looking for salon appointments with salons looking for customers to fill their seats, and provides a one-stop location to search for, browse, and instantly book hair and beauty appointments online. 

Renee holds degrees in Economics & Marketing, and worked previously in large organizations including Coca-Cola, and for the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet. During her time as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, she and her business partner Giorgia came up with the idea for LookBooker. With their work taking them to rural coal mining towns across Australia, they shared a joint frustration with how difficult it was to find and book salons appointments, despite the ease and discretion with which they scheduled flights, hotels, taxis and takeaway online each week. 

The idea for LookBooker was born and the pair took it to New York City, a gateway to the US where salon services are a $53B market annually, and there are over 1.3million hair and beauty businesses. Over 70% of these business are owned and run by women - a figure that towers over any other industry - and Renee is passionate about helping these businesses grow while simultaneously bringing convenience to the lives of the busy women (and men!) who are LookBooker's users.

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