Pinar Parry

Pinar Parry is an entrepreneur, mother of two and co-founder of Playdate Australia, a responsive web-app that helps Australian parents get together in neighbourhoods. Born and bred in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Economics & Finance from Monash University, she is currently based in sunny Queensland.

Prior to taking the leap into the start-up world, she wore a suit for the likes of ANZ, CBA, Bankwest in the Corporate & Institutional Banking space.

However as a self confessed eccentric, ‘push the boundaries’, risk taker it was as obvious as daylight that the conservative banking environment was a bad fit. So after having 2 kids and at a pivotal moment in her career, it was decided that she was ready to launch her own venture and solve a very real problem that affected not just her, but parents across the world. A year later the Playdate brand was born.

Her interests are many. She enjoys contemporary architecture, science, philosophy, design, business and technology, and when she’s not working on her start-up you can find her hiking, swimming and surfing.

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