Lauren Trlin

Lauren Trlin, the founder of, was working as a busy lawyer in Perth when she came up with the idea of building a trusted online community marketplace for outsourcing odd tasks and errands. The purpose of Buzzy was to help people simplify their life so that they could spend more time doing the things they loved. Buzzy was launched in Perth in April 2015.

Buzzy is Lauren’s third business to date. While studying at university, she ran an interior decorating business, Inka Interiors. She also founded HitchMeUp in 2013 as a way of bringing Perth’s young, professional and eligible singles together. 

Lauren has 3 years legal experience having worked as a commercial litigation lawyer for a large commercial law firm in Perth. She holds a combined Bachelor of Laws/Commerce (Corporate Finance & Investment Finance) degree from the University of Western Australia and a Diploma of Business.

Lauren has recently relocated to Sydney in search of adventure. She is deeply passionate about startups and building businesses that have a positive impact on the lives of other people. 

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