Kimberly Maslin

Kim Maslin has always been passionate about technology, social media and education. In 2013, she established 3103 Communications as a way of further exploring, and bringing together, these passions. Through 3103 Communications, Kim has helped countless parents, teenagers, general users and business owners increase their digital literacy through group workshops, presentations and one-on-one training sessions. The group that has always stood out to her though, has been parents. The rapid evolution of technology, the internet and social media has brought with it many new risks and concerns, that previous generations of parents did not have the deal with. Kim's mission now, is to equip today's parents with the skills they need to keep their children safe online. In 2015, Kim created a new initiative, "Cyber-Savvy Parenting". Through this initiative, Kim provides cybersafety support and education to parents worldwide. 

Kim's background is in ICT support and marketing, having spent three years as an ICT Services Specialist and three years in Community Relations & Development. During this time she completed Honours in Communication Studies at the University of Western Australia, investigating the positive impact Facebook could have on students' collaborative learning. After this, she completed her Graduate Diploma of Education and has since worked as a Middle School Media Teacher and Digital Learning Integrator. 

"Everything I do is aimed at helping others improve their digital literacy. My goal is to be Australia's leading Digital Communications Educator and ensure all parents have the information and confidence they need to help navigate their children safely through the online world" - Kim Maslin

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