Jane Lu

Jane Lu, the founder of www.Showpo.com, has always had a sincere passion for women's fashion online, social media and entrepreneurship and it’s these passions that have led her to build ShowPo to where it is today. After a 3-years working in top-tier firms Ernst & Young and KPMG, and gallivanting around the world (bored of her corporate life), she finally put brought her dreams into fruition in 2010 when she started Showpo.

Jane has shaped the Showpo brand to emphasize each woman’s uniqueness and individuality. “It’s not about the clothes, it’s about how you feel in them, it’s the confidence you exude wearing something gorgeous and comfortable. We’re not overpriced nor pretentious, it’s all about fun and forward trends that bring out your inner show pony”.

Social: LinkedIn,  @Iloveshowpo@thelazyceoShowpo