Helen Du

Helen is the co-founder of www.partnerd.com.au, partner with compatible brands to reach more customers. What would be faster, trying to find 1000 customers on your own or finding 1 partner that can refer 1000 customers to you? Simply answer a few questions about your brand and partnership objectives, then you just sit back and wait for Partnerd to do the hard work for you. You will receive matching partnership requests from compatible brands and you can pick the ones most suitable for your objectives.

Helen has helped thousands of SME businesses, screened through and collaborated with business clients to plan, customise, budget, market and implement hundreds of online and offline growth strategies which in turn have been delivered to more than a million key stakeholders. Helen has accomplished and showcased major initiatives for businesses that have driven growth turning over millions of dollars in profit. Helen has led teams members who have supported business owners, managers, executives, business’ customers, internal and external liaisons whose businesses were improved through the implementation of creative forward thinking ideas. Helen sees every day as an opportunity to learn, grow and do what she loves - working in technology.