Erin Young

I am the Founder of Zen Green Tea which sells matcha green tea powder from Japan. I founded the company four years ago when I was 22 and have been growing it ever since. My business began when I wanted to find a solution to remove the bitterness of green tea as I used to use two tea bags per cup to achieve more of the health benefits. I began researching online and discovered matcha known as the champagne of green tea. Matcha contains 137 X the antioxidants of standard green tea as you consume the whole tea leaf. I connected with some sustainable tea farms over in Japan and I imported a few kilos. I loved the product and my friends all wanted to buy some. I saw an opportunity to begin a little business and Zen Green Tea was born. My mum who was retiring at the time came on board to help me with customer service and posting. At the time I tried to penetrate the retail market, pounding the pavement and being rejected from every health food store so I decided to focus online. I built my website and grew my business from word of mouth.

Matcha is now becoming a more well known product so this year my business has really taken off with it being stocked in over 300 retail health foods stores, doubling it's online sales and I'm also starting a cafe distribution arm! The business is run by myself and my mum and we pride ourselves in creating a matcha community (@zengreentea) and in our incredible customer service!

Alongside Zen Green Tea I have a passion for hospitality so I run the Operations at Mejico Hospitality Group- one of the busiest restaurant groups in Sydney. Mejico has three and soon to be four restaurants! At Mejico I manage a team of around 50 staff and my primary role is to oversee all technology, systems, costs, suppliers, procedures, assets and maintenance. I also project manage the build of all new restaurants. This job is challenging and heart felt as I work with people that have a passion for hospitality and we all have the shared goal of delivering an amazing experience for our customers. 

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