Emily Yue

During our time at Bain & Company, we saw the power of management consulting as a means to get support and expertise to supercharge organisations and create real change.

At that time, however, access to top tier consulting skills were limited to large firms and enterprises, due to the team pyramid structure through which they’re delivered. We believed that firms of all sizes should be able to tap into that powerful skill-set to assist with projects on a more flexible basis.

Simultaneously, we noticed that more and more management consultants and investment professionals wanted to have more flexibility and choice in the way the work and with whom they work.

Our Solution

We knew that technology would empower a new way of delivering consulting services and we created Expert360.

Expert360 allows businesses to engage top consulting and finance talent for project-work. We took the best of consulting (the people), stripped away the overhead and inefficiencies and put it on a digital platform to allow clients and consultants to come together in a flexible way to deliver great work (on-site and remotely).

We bring businesses what they really want – highest quality talent, flexibility in how they engage them, and at a price that delivers great value.

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