Case Studies


Breaking the glass ceiling for entrepreneurs

ABC News

There is much publicity about increasing the number of women on boards and in the executive office. But what about the start-up community? 96 % of investors in this area are male. But a new investment network encouraging female investors for female-led start-ups hopes to level the playing field.

Small Biz Connect Program Case Study

Illustrating the value of one-on-one business advice

To say an illustrator has a colourful career is without a doubt a pun, but it is a very apt description of Liz Anelli who has turned a love of art into a job that has taken her many incredible places.

The very talented Nyoli saw a gap in the market for amazing teas and has opened her own boutique, which she fitted out herself in Byron Bay.

Solving a problem turns into a business for MBA student

Most successful people have a story to tell about a turning point in their life – a point when faced with a decision they took the harder road. For Leah Callon Butler it came when she was offered a job as a business development manager for a startup in New York.